etree-scripts 3.1

July 22, 2005 – 8:39 am

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Announcing release 3.1 of etree-scripts, a set of (mostly) Perl
scripts for lossless audio freaks who get busy on the command line.

This is a bug-fix release for version 3.0:

  • Fixed bug in unshn where it reversed the arguments to the shorten command.
  • Timestamp messages from flacify and shn2mp3.

    Some important changes in version 3.0:

  • Revamped parsing code. The parser breaks up the info file first by paragraphs and identifies their content broadly before splitting and parsing things line-by-line. The hope is that this leads to better quality parsing overall. I am working on a Parse::RecDescent-based parser for the next major release.
  • Much improved Cygwin support. I use it myself now. There is also a self-extracting executable for Cygwin that can be used to install etree-scripts and all prerequisites in a single step. Just extract it in c:\cygwin or wherever the root of your Cygwin installation is.
  • Major improvements to the “flacify” command:
    • Support for new FLAC 1.1 command line syntax (metaflac really)
    • Creates a file called ffp.txt in the output directory with the FLAC fingerprints for all files it has converted or tagged.
    • Renames .md5 files to .md5.orig
    • Automatically adds ReplayGain tags to FLAC files
    • Handles missing/unparseable info file gracefully
    • The “shn2mp3” script will apply ReplayGain tags when extracting FLAC files, so resulting MP3s are normalized to 0db.

    8 Fixed a bug in the “cdfill” script where it could delete your original files.
  • Scripts detect when running under ActiveState and abort. Sorry, but AS Perl is too broken to work with these scripts. Use Cygwin.

    apt-get source: deb unstable contrib

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