April 20, 2004

etree-scripts 2.2

This is another small bugfix release. The only change is to md5check which has a problem with recursion in the 2.1 release. Grab this version if you are having issues with md5check.

Here are the files at Sourceforge. You can also download them from my home machine in tar.gz or zip flavors or grab them from the etree.org unofficial package repository

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April 14, 2004

etree-scripts 2.1 reloaded

Oops. There was a bug in the version of shn2mp3 that I initially released. I have just now uploaded new versions of the .tar.gz, .zip and .deb files here and on bklyn.org. If your shn2mp3 doesn’t work, grab this new package and reinstall. Sorry!

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etree-scripts 2.1

This is the promised bug-fix release for 2.0. There are some improvements to the Etree::InfoFile parser module (as well as the beginnings of some documentation) as well as a number of fixes for running under Cygwin.

The official release is available from Sourceforge in tar, zip and deb formats, as well as from my home page (tar.gz format).

Debian users can use the etree.org unofficial package repository by adding the following line to their /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://etree.org/debian unstable contrib

There are packages here for shorten, shntool, xmms-shn and more.

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