Welcome Back

November 11, 2012 – 1:19 pm

Not much to report here other than my having touched etree-scripts for the first time in about 5 years. I have switched revision control from Subversion to git, and the code is now available both from SourceForge and GitHub.

New Release Forthcoming, Blog Updates

July 24, 2007 – 2:21 pm

Recent events have gotten me off of my duff (but not my Duff!) and caused me to put some long-overdue work into the etree-scripts code.

The first is this thread on forums. I had fixed these problems in my own copy of Etree::InfoFile many moons ago, but never pushed the changes into Subversion or did any sort of bug-fix release.

Further down the thread, the same user also mentions a problem processing recordings for unknown dates. A couple of small twiddles, and I think I have a passable fix for this too.

Also, flacify had the annoying habit of creating the file ffp.txt even if some other file had FLAC fingerprints in it. I’ve fixed this.

All of these fixes are currently in the Subversion repository (see links to the right), so feel free to grab it from there to test. I plan to do an official release (eg. with a tarball, .exe and .deb) this week as well.

There is also the issue that the database that sat behind the old version of this page was long ago nuked by SourceForge as part of some long ago migration I never paid any attention to. Thankfully, there are static versions of all the old pages, but I don’t have the raw Textile markup I used to create the posts. So to this end, I’ve setup a new blog (WordPress this time) and will move any important “legacy” content over here as I find the time.

etree-scripts 3.1

July 22, 2005 – 8:39 am

SourceForge Page | Download | Alternate Download [*NIX] | Alternate Download [Cygwin]

Announcing release 3.1 of etree-scripts, a set of (mostly) Perl
scripts for lossless audio freaks who get busy on the command line.

This is a bug-fix release for version 3.0:

  • Fixed bug in unshn where it reversed the arguments to the shorten command.
  • Timestamp messages from flacify and shn2mp3.

    Some important changes in version 3.0:

  • Revamped parsing code. The parser breaks up the info file first by paragraphs and identifies their content broadly before splitting and parsing things line-by-line. The hope is that this leads to better quality parsing overall. I am working on a Parse::RecDescent-based parser for the next major release.
  • Much improved Cygwin support. I use it myself now. There is also a self-extracting executable for Cygwin that can be used to install etree-scripts and all prerequisites in a single step. Just extract it in c:\cygwin or wherever the root of your Cygwin installation is.
  • Major improvements to the “flacify” command:
    • Support for new FLAC 1.1 command line syntax (metaflac really)
    • Creates a file called ffp.txt in the output directory with the FLAC fingerprints for all files it has converted or tagged.
    • Renames .md5 files to .md5.orig
    • Automatically adds ReplayGain tags to FLAC files
    • Handles missing/unparseable info file gracefully
    • The “shn2mp3” script will apply ReplayGain tags when extracting FLAC files, so resulting MP3s are normalized to 0db.

    8 Fixed a bug in the “cdfill” script where it could delete your original files.
  • Scripts detect when running under ActiveState and abort. Sorry, but AS Perl is too broken to work with these scripts. Use Cygwin.

    apt-get source: deb http://etree.org/debian unstable contrib